Fun things to do while in quarantine

01 April 2020
IQeon – Quarantine

Coronavirus epidemic is spreading like wildfire, and all we can do to preserve our health and health of our loved ones is to stay home. If you think being isolated is boring, here's a list of fun things to do during quarantine.

1. Watch iHeart Living Room concert

Music lovers around the world are rejoicing! British singer Elton John hosted online concert  iHeart Living Room Concert for America on the FOX channel in support of all those who are currently in hospitals or quarantine.

Billy Eilish, Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, Sam Smith and other pop singers took part in the concert via video calls right from their homes! And fans of the 1990s were in for a pleasant surprise – the legendary boy band Backstreet Boys reunited especially for iHeart Living Room Concert! The full video is available here.

2. Make a cup of cocoa and watch popular TV series on Netflix

If you were not able to find time to watch your favorite series, now you can delve into the world of Netflix. By the way, Variety edition found out that “Office”series is the most popular  during the quarantine time. It tells about the everyday routine of office workers who have to endure the oddities of their boss. Stunning stories and excellent humor is all you need to cheer up while being self-isolated.

3. Try yourself as a filmmaker

For the sake of all the prisoners of their own apartments, Apple took a rather unusual step and provided free access to its Final Cut Pro X program. The company opened 90-day trial period so that everyone could work with video editing. This means that you have three months to make and edit a film about your life during quarantine or to make a visual gift to your friends and relatives.

4. Take a trip ... to the virtual museum

Museums around the world are closed for quarantine, but, fortunately, in the era of the Internet, you can walk through the halls with famous exhibits without leaving your home. So, you can spend hours enjoying “Mona Lisa” on a virtual tour through the Louvre – the most famous museum in the world. In addition, the expositions of the Van Gogh Museum, the St. Petersburg Hermitage, the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest and many others are available now. There is never too much art!

5. Become a real masterchef

There is no person in the world who doesn’t like tasty food. And if before you had to go to a restaurant for culinary delights, now you have time to try your hand at the art of cooking. Sharpen knives, put on an apron and open all available sites with step-by-step recipes. The gastronomic masterpiece will not take long!

6. Plunge into the creepy underworld

Probably the best thing that happened to gamers in 2020 was the release of the cult-favorite  shooter Doom Eternal. And quarantine is a great reason to delve into the nightmarish world of terrible monsters and understand that everything that is happening now is not so bad. Beautiful graphics, addictive gameplay and story that excites the mind. All this is in Doom Eternal – a game that claims to be the perfect shooter of our time.

7. Watch all movies of cinematic universes

Nothing takes more time than watching great but long episodes of films. It often happens that, before you have enjoyed one part of a movie, the next one comes out, and you promise yourself to watch all the episodes at once so as not to miss the details. So, the time has come to watch all the franchise films in order. We are talking about the cult Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and all the films of Marvel Universe. A great chance to feel nostalgia and enjoy a truly good movie!

8. Read one of the top 100 e-books

Often we put off reading books because of the very chaotic pace of life, flipping a couple of pages per week on the way to work. But now there is no excuse – it's time to start reading! We advise you to pay attention to the selection of 100 best books according to Amazon, where you can find something to strike your fancy. And if you still don’t like to read, try the Audible service, which provides free access to all audio books within 30 days since the moment of registration. 

9. Take time for devices

It's time to fight back the germs that amass on our gadgets day after day. Quarantine is a great reason to clean smartphones, tablets, laptops and headphones. And now we are speaking not only about their surface. Get rid of the bulk of unnecessary files gathered over the years, or free up memory by downloading files to the cloud services. As they say, the order in the smartphone leads to the order in the head!

10. Do a brain jogging by solving the intellectual quiz

There is nothing better than spending free time nice and profitably. So, we propose to increase the level of intelligence in the entertaining Quiz game, which contains a lot of interesting and informative questions. If this genre of games is not for you, check your reaction and attentiveness in the runners, shooters, arcades and casual games presented on platform.

It’s high time to do what you put off so long. Above all, stay home and take care!



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