Rating of video cards for mining in 2020: models that are worth paying attention to

A choice of a video card for mining

Cryptocurrencies are gaining more and more attention in the global economy. If earlier they were not taken seriously, then over the past couple of years they have become a profitable way of earning money. Miners are looking for equipment that will bring optimal profit. In this article, we will provide information on the best graphics cards for mining.

A choice of a video card for mining in 2020: the main indicators

Mining requires the use of efficient and modern equipment. It represents the process of mining cryptocurrency by using computing power. F GPUs or ASICs are used for this aim. The latter are very expensive and are used by large companies. Therefore, we are only talking about video cards here. When choosing, a future miner should know:

  1. The amount of video card memory. The minimum is to choose 3-4 GB. The more memory the better.
  2. Memory speed. It is better to use the model with the DDR standard. They have an advantage in the balance of energy consumption and power.
  3. The type of cooling. The level of protection against overheating of the equipment depends on it. Choose only active coolers.
  4. Video card hashrate: the higher the score, the better.
  5. Power: Pay attention to the amount of energy consumed here.

Hashrate is a measure of GPU mining speed. The amount of income depends on it. The unit of measurement is megahash per second.

When choosing video cards for mining, you should understand that high power is accompanied by high power consumption. During production, equipment operates without interruptions with a load of 100%, and therefore collects large electricity bills. Therefore, when choosing, stop at a high hashrate with relatively low power consumption.

Which video cards for mining are better to choose in 2020?

The market offers thousands of models for any budget. We would like to draw your attention to the top eight. They have high performance, providing profitable cryptocurrency mining.

1.      Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti

The flagship among graphics card models has the best specs for Ethereum mining including Classic, GRIN and Zcoin. Has the following performance:

  • Ethash — 52,5 Mh/s/
  • Zhash — 90 h/s

At the same time, the GPU is 1545 MHz with 11 gigabytes of GDDR6 memory. Power consumption - 260 W, which is not so much with this hashrate. However, the cost is very high - from 98,000 rubles.

2.      Radeon VII

AMD is slightly inferior to Nvidia, having developed its own top-end graphics card. Radeon VII is the most powerful of the family. Suitable for mining Exosis, Ethereum including Classic and Monero. Algorithm performance:

  • Ethash is 78 Mh / s
  • Zhash reaches 54 h / s

The core has a GPU frequency of 1400 MHz with 16 gigabytes of video memory with the HBM2 type. However, electricity consumption is extremely high here and reaches 300 watts. At the same time, the cost ranges from 42 800 to 59 990 rubles.

If we analyze the calculation of the profitability of mining, then AMD Radeon VII is actually suitable only for Exosis: about $ 26.84 per month with the cost of electricity at $ 0.17. The rest of the altokines are not so high. For example, the profitability of ETH will be only $ 1.6 per month.

3.      RTX 2060

It is suitable for a miner who has a limited budget. Slightly weaker than the previous 2080 Ti. However, it is capable of efficiently mining Ethereum, including Classic, Monero and Exosis. Algorithm performance:

  • Ethash is 27.6 Mh / s
  • Zhash reaches 54 h / s

The core has a GPU frequency of about 1680 MHz with 6 gigabytes of video memory on GDDR6. Power consumption is relatively low - only 160 watts. At the same time, it is most efficient at mining Zcoin with a profit of $ 3.49 per month, based on the cost of electricity at $ 0.22. The price of the video card is from 31,000 rubles.

4.      Radeon RX Vega 56

The card has a high power. However, energy consumption is off scale here, as is heat dissipation. Therefore, additional cooling will be required. Suitable for mining Ethereum, including Classic and Monero. Algorithm performance:

  • Ethash reaches 36.5 Mh / s
  • Zhash is 34 h / s

The frequency reaches 1156 MHz with 8Gb video memory like HBM2. Electricity consumption is 210 watts. The model costs about 34 thousand rubles.

Note that according to the calculation of the efficiency, this video card is suitable only for Ethereum Classic. Here, the monthly profit will be about $ 0.35 at the cost of electricity $ 0.35.

5.      GTX 1060 от Nvidia

One of the budget models in the rating, while deservedly included in the top of the best video cards for mining in 2020. It has a relatively low price and has excellent power. You can mine on this video card Zcoin, Ethereum, including Classic and GRIN.

Important: this does not apply to the 3 GB. It will not be able to mine Ethereum.

Graphics card performance depending on the algorithm:

  • Ethash — 25,5 Mh/s
  • Zhash —32 h/s

The GPU is 1506 MHz, and the video memory is 6 Gb. Power consumption is significantly lower than previous models - 120 watts. The price of the video card is 13 800 rubles.

The best variant to use for mining Ethereum Classic: profit is $ 2.74 with electricity costs of $ 0.15. We do not recommend mining QuarkChain — here the income will go to minus $ 0.05.

6.      GTX 1080Ti от Nvidia

The model has a powerful graphics processor. However, the cost is overpriced as it belongs to the Titanium series. It should be borne in mind that data processing is directly proportional to electricity consumption. Suitable for mining Ethereum (ETH, ETC), Zcoin and GRIN. Algorithm performance:

  • Ethash is 49.5 Mh / s
  • Zhash reaches 86 h / s

The GPU has a frequency of 1582 MHz. Video memory is 11 Gb, GDDR5X type. Electricity consumption - 250 watts. The cost of a graphics card is from 39,990 rubles.

Effective when mining Ethereum Classic. The income will be $ 3.36 at an electricity cost of $ 0.24. The mining of Aeternity ($3,2) and Ethereum ($2,59) will also have a high profit rate.

7.      GTX 1070Ti

The price of the model is significantly lower than the previous one. However, there are also impressive figures for video memory processing speed and processor power. It is better to mine ETH, ETC, GRIN, ZXC with this video card.

It is worth knowing that early revisions of this model had significant software problems leading to a drop in the hashrate.

Algorithm performance:

  • Ethash reaches 30.5 Mh / s
  • Zhash hits 59 h / s

ЧThe frequency is 1607 MHz with 8 Gb of video memory of the GDDR5 type. Electricity consumption reaches 180 watts. The cost of the model is from 30 thousand rubles.

It is best used for mining Zcoin (XZC), as the profit per month will be $ 3.51 at an energy cost of $ 0.22. Do not mine Exosis (loss minus $ 0.05) and Pirl (minus $ 0.52) on it.

8.      GTX 1070

Despite the last place in the rating, the video card is a favorite among fans of mining cryptocurrency. It is powerful, reliable and cost effective. In terms of energy consumption, it is economical. It costs Ethereum to mine, including Classic, Grin and ZCoin. Performance indicators by algorithms:

  • Ethash reaches 30 Mh / s
  • Zhash dials 56h / s

The GPU reaches 1506 MHz with 8 Gb video memory such as GDDR5. Power consumption is only 150 watts. A video card costs from 42,000 rubles.

It is best to mine Ethereum Classic and ETH on it. The profitability in the first case will be approximately $ 2.86 and $ 2.23 at the cost of electricity at $ 0.2. Do not mine Callisto on it. Here the profit will be minus $ 0.22.

We are expecting

Nvidia has announced the next generation of Ampere graphics cards. According to rumors, GPUs will be released in the second half of 2020. Information about them is not available yet. However, it is already known that the performance will be increased by 50% compared to the current flagship GeForce 2080 Ti. At the same time, energy consumption will be significantly lower.

The video card will run on TSMC's new 7nm technology and modifications in architecture. However, it is not yet known for sure whether performance will improve in all aspects or only where ray tracing technology is used.

Special graphics cards

Nvidia and AMD made specialized graphics cards. You will rarely find them on sale, since they have a narrow purpose- the mining of cryptocurrency. GPUs lacked video outputs, which reduced their popularity.Moreover, the advantage of video cards is the possibility of their subsequent sale in the secondary market.

Overclocking a video card as a way to improve its performance

This procedure is fulfilled for the increase of the GPU frequency and video memory higher than those set by the manufacturer. It allows to increase the processing power of the GPU and makes mining more efficient. It is worth noting that you need to be careful when overclocking your GPU for mining.

Stages of overclocking a card for cryptocurrency mining:

  1. Decide on all the peculiarities of the model. Better read about it on the forums.
  2. Find out the overclocking limit.
  3. Switch to software mode.
  4. Install a graphics card overclocking program. Here you can use PowerStrip, MSI Afterburner, Nvidia Inspector, etc.
  5. Gradually increase the GPU, adhering to the 5-10 Mh / s range, up to the maximum possible value. A sharp overclocking will lead to equipment breakdown and the inability to roll back changes.
  6. Checking the stability of the work. Use programs like GeForce Experience, AIDA64, 3DMark. They will create stressful conditions, passing which, you can be confident in the operation of the equipment.

You can overclock the graphics and central process. But keep in mind that the card runs at prohibitive power, increases power consumption and equipment wear. Over time, the equipment loses its stability in operation.

To minimize the risk of severe and rapid wearout of your graphics card, you need to use an efficient cooling system. The standard coolers installed on the equipment will not be enough.

The best options for building a construction

It is not a good idea to use just one video card for mining cryptocurrency. It won’t bring enough profit. Therefore, we offer several options for mining Ethereum Classic as the most profitable for mining cryptocurrency:

  1. 4 video cards. GTX can be used. Thanks to the excellent balance of performance, electricity consumption and cost, the payback will be around a year. You can also use the 1080 Ti if you have electricity benefits.
  2. 6 video cards. Not a bad GTX option. The payback will be about a year.
  3. 8 video cards. The GTX 1060 is suitable as it has low power consumption. The payback period will be about a year.

For mining, you can use the Radeon 470/480. They have a fairly high performance, low power consumption and cost. The average price is 12–20 thousand rubles. However, it is very difficult to get these models, as miners quickly buy them.



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