Rating of cryptocurrency exchanges for 2020. Overview of the main sites

ТОП-10 криптовалютных бирж

Tops, reviews and ratings are an important source of information not only for beginners, but also for experienced traders: this is the only way to explore the changing market quickly.

This material is a hodgepodge of selections: trading platforms are evaluated according to different criteria and divided into groups. In each section, the companies are arranged randomly. Let's start.

Big review: description of the sites included in the ratings

The rating of cryptocurrency exchanges includes many sites. For the convenience of the reader, small ratings are placed separately, but here you can read in detail about each company. 

BitStamp. The BitStamp trading volume is about $ 48,000,000. The exchange offers to work with the following currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and many others. In addition to digital, fiat currencies are available: USD and EUR.

The site is licensed, the approach to security issues is appropriate: verification is mandatory and rather complicated. In addition to the obvious, they may require, for example, a copy of a receipt for payment for services at the place of residence, account statements, etc. But 98% of assets are stored in cold wallets - such a measure was taken after the hack in 2015. Then the hackers managed to steal 4 million euros and 5 million dollars.

Supported mobile app for iOS and Android.

The only drawback of the platform is the limited list of currencies.


  1. Commission for transactions on average 0.05%;
  2. Support for fiat currencies (USD, EUR);
  3. 98% of assets are kept in cold wallets;
  4. There is a demo mode (verification is needed).


  1. There is no margin trading;
  2. Commission up to 8% for banking transactions via VISA / MasterCard;
  3. 14 trading pairs and 5 cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple.

CEX.io. The site was founded in 2013 in London, is old and considered quite trustworthy. In addition to the exchange, the developers were engaged in another project - the notorious GHash mining pool, which ceased to exist in 2015, when the crisis began on the cryptocurrency market.

The main advantages of CEX.io can be summarized as follows:

  1. Supports Russian-language interface;
  2. One of the first to introduce margin trading;
  3. Own API for automated trading;
  4. Support for VISA / MasterCard bank transfers;
  5. Apps for iOS and Android.

Though there are some disadvantages:

  1. 8 cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum, zCash, Dash, Ripple, Stellar;
  2. The commission for operations with a deposit can be up to 5%.

In terms of security, the situation is standard: some of the funds are stored in cold wallets, two-factor authentication, a DDoS security system. The strategy works - there have been no successful hacker attacks on the exchange.

EXMO. We talked about EXMO above: the exchange focuses on the residents of the CIS, so it took care of creating an optimized Russian-language interface. As a bonus - support for operations with EUR and USD.

This section will contain the already mentioned exchanges, but each comes with a complete overview, taking into account the pros and cons.

Binance. Binance is talked about so often that traders probably know almost everything about it. This review is for novice traders.

Binance was founded in 2017 and had 3 million active users by the end of the year. This allowed the exchange to become the market leader in terms of trading volume. It should be noted that the situation in the industry contributed to this: Bitcoin grew violently and reached the peak of its value.

Subsequently, the site maintained its reputation by opening new projects (Binance DEX in 2019, LaunchPad and others), charity and detailed interviews.

Let's skip registration and proceed to verification: the exchange is multilevel, like Kraken. After registering and activating your account by e-mail, a daily withdrawal limit will appear in your account - up to 2 BTC per day. Small investors can stop at this stage.

For the second level, you need to get a code in Google Authenticator and make a scanned copy of your passport, a photo with an open document and your face, and your signature on a separate sheet. After that, the limit will be 100 BTC per day.

Standard trading, Market and Limit.


  1. The volume of trades is 66,500 BTC;
  2. 565 currency pairs;
  3. Commission up to 0.1%;
  4. Referral program.


  1. Lack of support for fiat currencies.

Kraken. Professional cryptocurrency exchange, definitely not suitable for a beginner. The volume of trade corresponds to the status - 6 359 BTC.

Let's start with the interface: the site does not support the Russian language, together with complex tools, this makes it inaccessible to 50-60% of the crypto community members. The same goes for the iOS and Android app.

Verification of traders is mandatory and carried out in accordance with the requirements of the SEC:

  1. Level 0: account creation. Allows you to view analytics from your personal account, trading is blocked;
  2. 1st level. For filling out the questionnaire, access to operations with deposit and trading is provided;
  3. 2nd and 3rd levels. They require the provision of documents, in return they are given the opportunity to increase the daily withdrawal limit and work with fiat currencies;
  4. 4th level. Personal communication with the support service opens the gates to the world of the maximum daily withdrawal limit.
  5. You can stop at any of the indicated levels.
  6. 87 currency pairs are supported, including BTC / USD, BTC / EUR, ETH / USD, ETH / EUR, links with Litecoin, Ripple, EOS, Monero, Dash and others.


  1. You can choose at what level of verification to stop and how much information to provide;
  2. The commission for transactions decreases with an increase in the volume of trading from the account.


  1. The English-language interface makes the site inconvenient for CIS residents;
  2. There is only one way to secure your account - two-factor authentication;
  3. Complex verification system.

BitMEX. Bitmex stands out against the background of cryptocurrency exchanges: here you can make money in both bullish and bearish trends. It was registered in 2014, there is support for the Russian-language interface.

Note: Bitcoin ticker - XBT (not ВТС) - is used for operations with a deposit. In addition to the list of available cryptocurrencies, Bitrex supports USD as a component of the currency pair. The commission is fixed, maximum 0.075%.

In terms of design and content, the site is standard, with the exception of information content: there are data about the exchange, its developers, analytics tools, quotes, and so on.


  1. standard;
  2. margin, leverage up to x100;
  3. demo mode (you need a multi-account);
  4. futures contracts and options.


  • support for perpetual contracts;
  • Russian-language interface;
  • demo mode.

There are disadvantages:

  • 8 cryptocurrencies and 1 trading pair - bitcoin with dollar;
  • difficult interface for a beginner.

BitMEX is the market leader in terms of trading volume: according to CoinMarketCap, it is 181.521 BTC.

Bittrex. Bittrex, just like Polo, was founded in 2014 and is subject to US jurisdiction - you cannot do without verification. Fortunately, there are no country restrictions: only residents of Syria, Iran, Crimea, Cuba and North Korea cannot trade.

Fiat currencies are only available to US residents, so in fact we are content with digital ones.

Separately about security: the exchange allows you to create White-lists of IP addresses and wallets, as well as cancel transfers. Given the nature of cryptocurrencies, the last point is especially important, but it has its own conditions: for example, $ 5,000 should be put on the deposit.

After a typical registration, the site offers to fill out a short form and make a scanned copy (or photo) of the passport. Another measure that helps to remove all restrictions is the activation of two-factor authentication. After that, the user can withdraw from the account up to 100 BTC per day. Fixed commission - 0.25%.

There are two orders for trading:

  1. Market;
  2. Limit.

The API allows you to launch automated trading.

Poloniex. The exchange was founded in 2014 in the USA. It quickly gained popularity around the world for its altcoin trading opportunities. Despite the internationality of the site, the developers have not yet added a Russian interface.

Registration starts with filling out a standard questionnaire and continues with verification - Poloniex are conservative and prefer to work in accordance with the letter of the law. Identity verification takes place in two stages: after the first one, a withdrawal limit is set up to $ 2,000 per day, after the second - up to $ 25,000.

The administration requires a scanned copy of the documents from the trader; it will take about 5-7 days to process them (sometimes more).

There is no support for fiat currencies, so you will have to replenish the deposit and withdraw money in bitcoins to your wallet or to an exchanger in order to immediately receive fiat currencies on the card.

Medium-complexity interface:

  • tables for MARKETS (major currencies with which pairs are lined up);
  • graphs (according to reviews, not quite convenient in terms of management);
  • order lists and so on.

In the CIS crypto community, Poloniex is less popular than abroad, but you can try.

YoBit. YoBit is not the most famous cryptocurrency exchange. It was founded in 2015, and this is the only reliable information about the company: neither the team, nor the country, nor the presence of a license are covered in any way in official sources.

2 years after registration, at the peak of market activity, problems with withdrawal and (unexpectedly) with technical support began on the site, the number of negative reviews grew until 2018. In 2019, the exchange's reputation was restored.

Staying on the topic, let's discuss security. You can protect your account from hackers. DDoS protection system, two-factor authentication, temporary freezing of the account after editing personal information in the account.

The interface is Russian, but there are other advantages:

  • trading volume 3 391 BTC (good relative to other Russian-language platforms);
  • 506 currency pairs;
  • altcoins. It supports not only Ethereum, Zcash, Dash, Stellar, Dogecoin and other popular coins, but also Cryptonex, Ubex, LanaCoin, Opal, Loopring, Acoin and others that no one has heard of, but you can build a good portfolio on small coins. At one time, this item became the reason for the demand for YoBit services;
  • there is no verification.


  • the developers do not provide and do not plan to provide information about the company, in case of hacks / thefts there is no demand from them.

KuCoin is a Chinese cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2017. Trading volume is12,565 BTC, 452 currency pairs.

There is good news for users: there is no verification in KuCoin. Instead of encroaching on the anonymity of customers, the developers have introduced other ways to secure money: two-factor authentication, responsive support. The official website has a great article on how not to fall for the bait of swindlers.


  • referral program;
  • commission 0.1% (0.05% for KuCoin token holders);
  • mobile app;
  • Russian-language interface.


  • absence of fiat currencies.

Huobi. Chinese cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2013. Trading volume - 43,368 BTC, 515 pairs.

Let's start with the most complicated thing - the verification process. Firstly, there is a single discrepancy between the documents and the data provided on the exchange, and accordingly, it will be impossible to verify the identity.

Secondly, there should be a bank account. Those who do not have it will have to open it.

Thirdly, only scanned copies of the passport are accepted. Fourthly, for some reason, the explanatory note for the final stage has not yet been translated at least into English.

You can trade in Market, Limit and Flash.


  • there is support for fiat currencies;
  • the commission decreases in parallel with the increase in the trading volume on the account;
  • there is an application for iOS, Android.


  • there are problems with verification.

Binance DEX. The affiliate company of Binance, a new decentralized exchange launched in spring 2019. Due to its age, it has a low trading volume - 225 BTC and 78 currency pairs for trading.

The concept of the absence of intermediaries has been preserved, the developers only affect the addition of new currencies to the listing. Here they remained true to themselves: each applicant undergoes a rigorous selection and must comply with the list of requirements.

Wallets in the system are autonomous; if one is hacked, the rest remain protected.


  • suitable for those who value anonymity in financial transactions;
  • the reputation of Binance guarantees the quality of subsidiary projects;
  • you can use an official wallet or another compatible with it;
  • BNB commissions are 0.04%;
  • 75 pairs is enough for a six-month-old site.


  • 225 bitcoins is a low trading volume considering the rapid development of a centralized parent exchange.

HitBTC. Trading volume is 31,153 BTC, 815 currency pairs. It is an old trustworthy resource, the leader of many ratings.

It was founded in 2013. The Russian-language interface is not supported.

Verification is not necessary, but recommended: the administration requests a scanned copy of the passport, certificate of registration at the place of residence and other documents.


  • market leader in terms of the number of currency pairs;
  • supports unpopular altcoins (Grin, Eidoo, Everex, Peercoin and the like);
  • margin trading with x20 leverage (after verification);
  • optional verification.


  • there are no fiat currencies without verification;
  • there is no mobile application.

LiveCoin. The volume is 2,131 BTC, 298 currency pairs. It has been operating since 2015, supports 9 languages, including Russian.

The site is convenient for a trader from the CIS: you can replenish the deposit in USD, EUR or RUB through the QIWI, Perfect Money and Payeer payment systems, VISA / MasterCard cards, verification is not required (you can go through to work with fiat).

The commission is average, from 0.18% and below, depending on the monthly trading volume from the account.

An interesting tool is a Litecoin voucher, which allows you to replenish a deposit in 5 seconds.


  • there is a tote - on the site you can predict the exchange rate, place a bet and get a win;
  • support for the Russian-language interface;
  • security system with two-factor authentication and passwords to confirm transactions.


  • small volume;
  • fiat account is a subject of verification.

Gate.io. The exchange was founded in 2013, the trading volume is small, about 3,252 BTC, but 398 currency pairs are available for trading. The Russian-language interface is not optimized, there is English, but the fact does not attract many traders: the site remains unpopular.

For trading, it is enough to create an account, verification is not required. The instruments are conventional, but the commission is high - 0.2% per trade.

If the established daily limit does not suit you, it is necessary to go through verification: you should make a scanned copy of the passport and a selfie with a document in your hands, upload it to your personal account and wait for verification.

The site operates its own GT token, the holders of which receive discounts in commissions - this is how developers attract investments in the future decentralized exchange.


  • optional verification;
  • clumsy, but available Russian-language interface;
  • 298 currency pairs;
  • futures;
  • margin trading.


  • low trading volume;
  • lack of complete information about the company and its creators;
  • dollar and euro are not supported.

TOP-10 exchanges according to reviews

When working with cryptocurrencies, traders' reviews matter more than other selection criteria. Based on them, we compose the Top 10.

1. Poloniex

Exchange was established in 2014. The trading volume is $ 12 364 398 - due to these figures, it is considered to be one of the largest in the world.

Available currencies are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, Ripple, Stellar, NEM, Ethereum Classic, FactomFactom, ZCash.

Advantages, according to the players:

  • relatively low commissions up to 0.25% of the trading volume;
  • 107 currency pairs;
  • functionality is not limited to trade, you can take loans;
  • own mobile application.


  • does not support fiat currencies;
  • withdrawal limit: up to $ 25,000 per day;
  • there is no support for the Russian-language interface.

2. Kraken

It is an old resource, founded in 2000, having the reputation of a professional one.

Available currencies are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple, Ethereum Classic, Tether, EOS, Iconomi, Zcash, Monero, Stellar Lumens, Augur, Dogecoin, Melon, Gnosis. Several traditional ones are supported, including USD.


  • commission up to 0.26% for closing and up to 0.16% for opening a position;
  • support for fiat currencies;
  • margin trading.


  • a beginner may find it difficult, starting with the interface;
  • 5 levels of verification;
  • there is no support for WebMoney payment systems, convenient for a Russian-speaking user;
  • there is no Russian-language interface.

3. Bittrex

An American trading platform that supports 327 trading pairs.

Supported cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Stellar, TRON, Monero and others.


  • support for over 200 cryptocurrencies;
  • functional interface, convenient analytics and trading tools;
  • there are cold wallets for storing currencies.


  • lack of a Russian-language interface;
  • undeveloped technical support service (they answer for a long time and sometimes not on the point).

4. Coinbase

Exchange and the eponymous multicurrency wallet.

Supported assets are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, USDC, ZRX, BAT.


  • one of the most secured trading platforms in the world;
  • deposit insurance. If the exchange is hacked and client funds are stolen, the loss will be reimbursed under the policy;
  • there is support for fiat currencies depending on the country.


  • not for everyone (residents of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus are included in the list of countries with which Coinbase does not work. Residents of other CIS countries are more fortunate in this regard);
  • assets and currency pairs are much smaller than on competing platforms;
  • enhanced centralization and control of accounts up to blocking in case money was transferred “somewhere not there” (for example, to an online store).

5. BitFinex

Despite several hacks, BitFinex managed to maintain its position in the ratings and good customer reviews. Just like the "Kraken", it is considered professional, so it is better for beginners to refrain from using it.

Supported cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, EOS, IOTA, Ripple, Dash and others.


  • a professional will find great tools on BitFinex: 5 types of orders, API support, 3 types of wallets, and so on;
  • the monthly trading volume is $ 3 637 456 583;
  • margin trading.


  • long (up to 8 weeks) and complex mandatory verification;
  • the minimum deposit amount is $ 10,000;
  • inactive accounts pay a percentage for keeping funds in the account (suddenly, it is better not for investors to use it as a wallet).


One of the most famous Russian-language platforms, focused on the CIS countries. Reputed to be easy to use.

Supported cryptocurrencies are: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, Monero, Ripple, ZCash, Waves, KickCoin.


  • adequate Russian-language interface;
  • suitable for beginners;
  • support for fiat currencies.


  • incomprehensible security situation and a periodically “crashing” site;
  • no mobile app;
  • withdrawal delays occur.

7. Binance

The exchange, known all over the world for its rapid rise: it was founded in 2017 and almost immediately has entered the top in terms of trading volume. Subsequently, the developers maintained the status, periodically reporting either new projects or some act of charity.

Supported cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, Bitcoin Cash, TRON, EOS, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, Monero and a number of other assets.


  • an impressive list of currencies and currency pairs (70 and 200, respectively), which is constantly being updated;
  • commission 0.1% and a system of discounts for Binance Coin holders;
  • support for the Russian-language interface.


  • there is no support for fiat currencies.

8. Livecoin

The exhange receives quite good reviews from the citizens of the CIS, so it deserves attention.

Supported cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, EOS and others.


  • 190+ cryptocurrency pairs;
  • it is possible to work with fiat currencies;
  • no mandatory verification (hurray!);
  • several methods of replenishment, convenient for residents of the CIS.


  • There is not an entirely clear choice of cryptocurrencies. Unknown positions may be on the list, while popular and developing ones are absent - for example, developers have not added Ripple to the listing for a long time;
  • there may be security problems.

9. HitBTC.

Exchange was founded in 2015. Supported cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, ZCash, Litecoin and others.


  • support for fiat currencies;
  • optional verification: only needed for accounts that plan to withdraw in dollars;
  • additional account protection tools (for example, two-factor authentication).


  • no Russian-language interface;
  • the trading volume is only $ 291 million (less than that of the market leaders).

10. Huobi

A convenient platform that has firmly established itself at the top. Trading volume is $ 447,000,000.

Supported currencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Litecoin, TRON, Dash and others.


  • margin trading with 1: 5 leverage;
  • client assets are stored in cold wallets;
  • support for the Russian-language interface;
  • there is a mobile application.


  • complex verification;
  • fiat pairs are periodically blocked, so you shouldn't count on them.

Top 5 exchanges without verification

Verification is the process of confirming the identity of a client. For it, a client needs to provide scanned copies of documents: passport, driver's license, identification code and others. The list may vary depending on the requirements of the exchange.

The verification problem became acute after the jurisdictions of the United States (SEC) and European countries paid attention to the issue of regulating the cryptocurrency market. The rules are contrary to the anonymous nature of assets, therefore, the rating of platforms is lower without identity confirmation.


Year of foundation

The volume of tradings

The list of currencies




~ $35 000 000

Dash, ZCash, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple and others




~ $28 000 000

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Doge, ZCash, USDT, Ripple, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin and others




~ $22 000 000

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, NEXT, Lisk, Dogecoin, Stellar, ZCash and others




~ $1 730 902 870

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Cardano, Ripple, EOS, Ethereum.




~ $138 800 000

Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, EOS, NOIA, Litecoin, TRON



On some exchanges, it is optional: you do not have to go through verification, but the account's capabilities will be limited. Here it is a better way to build on your trading plans and the conditions of the chosen site - somewhere they simply cut the withdrawal limit, and somewhere they restrict access to fiat.

Top 5 exchanges in terms of reliability

What do we mean by "reliable cryptocurrency exchange":

  • account protection tools (two-factor authentication, etc.);
  • burglary incidents.

Cryptocurrency exchanges in the reliability rating are further.

5. Binance

Considering the volume of the exchange, hacker attacks are logical: the first were noted in 2018, when cybercriminals staged large-scale phishing. There were no casualties, and the site's management allocated a large sum to reward for the capture of criminals or information about them.

The second incident occurred in the same year and is associated with the alleged 51% attack on Syscoin. When the asset soared in price, Binance closed trading, and all those affected were compensated for damage.

In May 2019, hackers managed to steal 7,000 BTC. After that, the developers promised to add support for U2F to the site, improved the API and carried out a number of measures to improve security.

4. Poloniex

In 2014, 97 BTC were stolen from the exchange, and after this incident, security became one of the most important aspects for developers. The customers' losses were reimbursed.

For additional protection of accounts, two-factor authentication is provided.

3. Coinbase

Here, traders' assets are stored in cold wallets and are insured against hacking, that is, compensation is guaranteed. There is two-factor authentication.

The exchange is conservative, great attention is paid to security, that is the reason of the difficult verification.


In September 2019, there were rumors that OKEX was hacked (they were associated with suspicious activity), but the management of the exchange denied this assumption.

The user can protect the account with two-factor authentication, an additional password when making transactions and notifications by e-mail.

1. BitMEX

It is considered one of the safest in the world. For protection, it uses complex addresses and a database in the kbd + language. It considers client verification a part of the protection program, since unnecessary anonymity can contribute to the growth of crime.

Top 5 exchanges according to the number of currency pairs

The number of currency pairs on the exchange is a fundamental indicator for traders who prefer to build a large investment portfolio and combine it.

  • OKEX: 454 currency pairs.
  • Huobi Global: 425 currency pairs.
  • HitBTC: 815 currency pairs.
  • Binance: 565 currency pairs. The most popular are BTC / USDT, ETH / USDT, ETH / BTC and BNB links. Exotic lovers will appreciate the unusual combinations: POA / ETH, FUN / USDT, NANO / BNB, ONT / USDT. The full list can be viewed on CoinMarketCap - it is updated regularly.
  • Gate.io: 290 currency pairs.

CoinMarketCap's advice is applicable to all exchanges: the number of trading pairs can increase (less often - fall) in 2-3 months.

Top 5 exchanges for a Russian-speaking trader

International exchanges with large trading volumes do not always have a Russian-language interface, or it is limited to machine translations. Rating with relatively good and good sites for this indicator.

  1. YoBit. The translation is not the best one, there are words in Chinese in the menu but in general it is readable.
  2. Binance. Machine translation, which is neutralized by the simplicity of the interface.
  3. EXMO. The exchange is focused on the CIS countries.
  4. KuCoin. You can switch to Russian on the main page of the official website.
  5. BitMEX. Excellent translation into Russian. There are no peculiarities.

Decentralized exchanges

By their nature, exchanges can be divided into two types:

  1. centralized, managed by the administration;
  2. decentralized, without a single management link.

Both have their advantages. In the case of decentralized ones:

  • high level of anonymity (important for many traders);
  • relatively high level of protection against hacking;
  • no one can influence the course of the auction.

And in this category, the top place will be taken by Binance DEX - a subsidiary project of Binance, launched in 2019. There were other projects, but:

  1. There is no information about them on CoinMarketCap, an authority resource;
  2. Community reviews date from 2018;
  3. Sites could not be found.

What is the problem is not clear - it can be assumed that the unstable situation in the cryptocurrency market is to blame, which changed the period of activity and growth.

Top 3 exchanges dealing with fiat currencies

The decision to highlight this category and describe it separately is due to the fact that not all sites offer trading pairs with USD or EUR. Meanwhile, the ability to get by with the minimum number of transactions is highly appreciated by traders - this allows you to save on commissions.

  1. BitStamp. The site supports USD and EUR, verification is required.
  2. LiveCoin. On the exchange, verification is optional, but after it is passed, you can work with fiat currencies.
  3. EXMO. In terms of convenience for the CIS, EXMO is the leader of this top: here you can work with rubles.

Cryptocurrency exchanges: rating of 2019

Taking these criteria into account, we form a general list of the best exchanges in 2019:

  • Binance;
  • Poloniex;
  • Bittrex;
  • BitMEX;
  • Kraken;
  • EXMO;
  • Coinbase. 

The final list did not include all the resources that were present above. It is up to you to decide.



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