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Presence at multiple websites for monitoring the digital currency movements is the standard of the industry. We have collected information about the most popular services, where you can follow IQN market indicators. We will be updating this guide as new services appear.


CoinMarketCap is a leader among the platforms that collect statistics on the cryptocurrency market. The website provides data on exchange rates, daily trading volume and market capitalization of more than 2000 cryptocurrencies and tokens. Assets which make up this ranking affect the global performance of the entire market.

In addition to monitoring the main indicators, CoinMarketCap also shares announcements of upcoming events dedicated to the blockchain technology, provides cryptocurrency converter and  introduces the crypto glossary to users.

Add IQN to Watchlist at CoinMarketCap.


CoinGecko is a popular crypto tabloid visited by more than 18 million people per month. The website provides full information on the value and trading volume of IQN. All data is updated in real time.

In addition to changes that can be monitored, CoinGecko has a BEAM section with the latest news from various project teams. Users are also provided with free email newsletters, in which the editors share the latest market news and analytics of key events.

Follow IQN rate at CoinGecko.


CoinLib is a service for tracking digital currency statistics. It collects trading data on most cryptocurrency exchanges, as well as monitors social networking metrics of selected projects. Same to CoinGecko, you can check IQN rate converted not only to USD, but to other assets like ETH or BTC.

You can track activity at all levels: trading or community activity around the project on social media. Overall rating is formed on the base of these and other indicators. It is also possible to affect the reputation of a single cryptocurrency or token by likes/dislikes system.

Follow IQN perforomance at CoinLib.


Delta is a tracker application for your cryptocurrency portfolio. In cooperation with more than 200 exchanges and 3,000 digital currencies allows Delta users to get the most up-to-date metrics.

Delta allows users to keep track of digital portfolio and receive custom status notifications.  Thanks to a special DeltaDirect service that is connected right to our newsfeed, the latest IQeon news is available in Delta. The Delta app is available for Windows, Android and iOS-based smartphones.

Get Delta and add IQN to your Portfolio.



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