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IQN - BitForex

Digital asset IQN is available for exchange on many platforms. Each of them has its own characteristics and meets the various needs of users. The purpose of this guide is to help you understand which exchange platform is right for you. As our listings expand, this guide will be updated.


HitBTC is one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges, which offers a wide range of tools, including spot and margin trading, sub-accounts option, API access control and many fine-tune settings for comfortable trading activity. Ensuring the smooth operation of the trading terminal, HitBTC also pays great attention not only to the security of the user's personal account but also to the platform itself. In order to successfully manage that, the team implements complex cryptography schemes and strict standards for the operations.

At the moment there are more than 850 trading pairs on HitBTC exchange. Its average daily trading volume is $4.18 billion. 

IQN digital asset is available for trading with BTC, ETH, USDT.

HitBTC official website – https://hitbtc.com/


EXMO is a British cryptocurrency exchange that offers a wide range of tools for novice and experienced traders. As one of the leading platforms for exchanging digital assets among CIS states, EXMO provides an opportunity to perform transactions with 187 trading pairs and shows an average daily trading volume of $16.7 million.

IQN digital asset is available for trading with BTC, ETH, USDT and EXM pairs.

EXMO official website – https://exmo.com


BitForex is a cryptocurrency exchange with a daily trading volume of $130 million that provides users with a wide range of financial products and services, including secure digital asset trading, margin trading, and financial derivatives. BitForex is among the top 30 world trading platforms.

IQN digital asset is available for trading of IQN/USDT, IQN/ETH and IQN/BTC currency pairs.

BitForex official website – https://www.bitforex.com


YoBit is an exchange platform with the traded value of $64,9M and the user traffic more than 27M per month. It is one of the few exchanges to offer an extremely wide range of tokens for exchange. According to CoinMarketCap, YoBit is listed in the Top 35 exchanges in terms of trading volume per day.

IQN token is available for trading with major pairs and you can easily find it by searching in YoBit interface.

YoBit official website – https://yobit.net


Exrates exchange provides traders with a large selection of digital and fiat pairs for trading. According to CoinMarketCap, the exchange is currently in the Top 40 list with daily trading volume of $47 million. Handy trading pairs are available for your IQN portfolio.

Please keep your personal data and assets safe – Exrates offers a 2-factor authentication which will highly increase the security of your account.

Exrates official website – https://exrates.me


ForkDelta allows you to trade IQN and other ERC20 tokens without the need to transfer assets to a single center. All transactions are carried out using Smart Contacts. ForkDelta’s daily turnover is $6,4M.

It is an open source project. Exchange uses the Ethereum platform and smartcontracts, which makes it decentralized (ForkDelta does not hold funds in a single repository). You will need a Metamask wallet to work with the exchange.

ForkDelta official website – https://forkdelta.app



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