Frequently asked question: how to track a blockchain transaction?

Blockchain transactions

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Unlike banking institutions, where information about transactions is often available only upon request, blockchain is characterized by higher transparency, so any user can find transaction data with the help of wallet address, block number or hash. It is also worth noting that all operations in distributed blocks are irreversible, and no one can cancel a transaction after its completion.

Often, the sender monitors the transaction in blockchain when he wants to make sure once again that the address data specified during the operation is correct. Or when the user needs to confirm the transaction status.

To check the details of the blockchain operation, specialized sites were developed, or, as they are commonly called, explorers.,, BlockExplorer are among the most popular Bitcoin transaction trackers. And to track the transaction on the Ethereum network made with ERC-20 standard tokens, Etherscan, Etherchain, Ethplorer services will be of great help.

So, let's see what is needed to be done to track the blockchain transaction:

Step 1. The user needs to go to the site of the transaction explorer, for example,;

Step 2. At the top of the page, in the search field, enter the transaction hash or the address from which it was carried out;

Step 3. Click "Search";

Step 4. Track the transaction on blockchain.

Thus, using the services indicated above, you can find out at what stage the sent blockchain transaction is now.

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