Frequently asked question: how does IQN digital asset differ from bonuses?

Bonus IQN

We continue to answer frequently asked questions from users. Today we'll tell you how IQN digital assets differ from bonuses.

IQN is an important part of IQeon ecosystem. With the help of the asset, users can take part in games and monetize their in-game achievements. In addition, IQN provides access to transaction history, creation and participation in competitions on IQeon platform. The asset received for winning matches can be exchanged for other digital currencies on trading platforms.

Users are credited with IQN for victories in game matches, and game developers, digital content copyright holders and participants in partner programs get IQN as rewards for their work. The number of digital assets in the account is displayed under the “Balance” tab in the “Token balance” line.

However, it is possible to receive bonus IQN on the platform. So what's the difference?

The main differences between the bonus IQN and IQN digital asset lie in the ways of obtaining and the use cases. Bonus can be credited to the user for:

  • Participation in platform competitions. IQeon team often holds contests on the gaming platform and in official communities. By participating in them, users always have a chance to receive bonus IQN to their gaming account at
  • Activity in Telegram community. The bonus system works in the official Telegram chats of the project. Everyone can get 0.05 IQN for participating in community discussions, answering riddles and logic puzzles, helping other chat members and answering their questions.
  • Winning Weekly Challenge contest. Every week, IQeon team announces a game on social media, in which one can compete for 5 bonus IQN to the gaming account. The player with the highest score becomes the winner. The results of the game are published on Mondays.
  • Completing tasks for a reward. IQeon team has developed a separate section with tasks for completing of which users can receive a reward in the form of bonus IQN. To do this, players need to complete one of the proposed simple tasks. For example, take training or complete a profile on The more steps are done, the larger the number of IQN. You can find bonus tasks by clicking on the “My IQN” button on the platform's main page.

Bonus IQN can be used to play and participate in matches with opponents only. If the player wins, his bonuses are transferred to IQN digital asset, and later can be withdrawn to a personal wallet.

Stay with us and follow the news in the official IQeon Telegram community – there are many answers to interesting questions ahead!




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